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Latest News: New player potions! - By Dev Team05.17.12

elcome to Aerrevan, an all new MMORPG experience developed by CubeForce Media. It takes place on the continent of Lurris in a world shattered by the imbalance of a magical force known as Aer. In correct balance, Aer supports life, but in imbalance Aer can cause anything from horrible mutations, to instant death. Side with one of two Great Mages with their own solutions to the global Aer crisis. The gameplay experience in Aerrevan is centralized around Aer and its effects on the world. Aerrevan features a unique PvE experience designed with the roleplayer in mind. Enter every cave, house, inn and castle with no loading screens; explore without boundaries in a world full of locations waiting to be found. Engage in epic battle with hundreds of unique mobs and bosses, all while advancing your characters within a completely classless leveling system. Expand and grow in your own way, without annoying limitations.

nter a world where things are not always clear, the path not always obvious. A land where a curious mind and strong will can lead to unexpected discoveries. Become part of a struggle so deep, it shakes the very foundation of all that is. Find your place in a world befallen with suffering, fight for your beliefs, or carve your own path. With every door open and no limits in sight, every choice is yours to make.


ubeForce Media has announced that the Aerrevan gold release is set for April 29th, 2011! Since the Aerrevan Early-adopter release in November of 2010, the Aerrevan team has been hard at work improving the gameplay experience. In addition, Aerrevan will adopt the free-to-play payment model! The CubeForce store has been closed in preparation for this conversion, and will re-open on April 29th, 2011. Aerrevan is currently in a free final beta stage! Visit or to obtain your key today... before they're gone!

o learn more about Aerrevan, please explore our site. The library section contains a repository of knowledge about the world of Lurris and is a recommended read for anyone who wants to learn more about our world.

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